7-Day Wilderness Quest

Prior to the field experience outlined below, individualized preparation is an important part of your Quest.

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Day 1:  Gather by 4 pm at Debra's log cabin home in Black Forest, Colorado.  Meet the others in the group who will become your community for the next week.  Introduce yourself in Council. Share in Medicine Wheel teachings.   Review the logistics of the Quest.  Enjoy a nourishing dinner together.  Complete what you will need to feel prepared for the field. Check personal and group gear. Pack your backpack and load the truck.  Spend reflective time with yourself.  Pay attention to your dreams.

Day 2:  Depart for the field from Black Forest by 7 am, carpooling up into the Rocky Mountains to park at Winfield, a historic ghost town in the Collegiate Peaks.   The backpacks will be shuttled by truck 2 miles to the river crossing.  Hike together along the 4 wheel drive road, soon leaving the last remnants of civilization behind.  Share lunch and ceremony by the river, prior to crossing the symbolic threshold into the sacred wilderness. Backpack the 1/2 mile of gentle terrain to Beaver Basin.

Set up base camp.  Practice "leave no trace" ethics, learning how to care for yourself safely and respect the mountain environment.  Spend the afternoon exploring the area for your Solo site.  Sharing and teachings continue.  Become more connected to Nature and with each other.   Cook and enjoy a camp dinner together.  Review the day in Council and prepare for tomorrow.  Remember your dreams!

Day 3: You may choose to challenge yourself with a predawn start, climbing up through primitive terrain with those who wish to attempt to summit 13,088' Virginia Peak, climbing the metaphoric stairway to heaven—weather permitting… 


…you may choose to nurture yourself, sleep in, and relax at base camp, remaining near the river with gorgeous mountain scenery surrounding you.

That afternoon you will complete your preparation for Solo through teachings, sharing, and ritual celebration.  Saying goodbye to the others, you will begin your private, personal communion with Nature.   Spend your first night alone in solitude

Day 4:  Solitude and communion with Nature continues.

Day 5:  Solitude and communion with Nature continues.  You have the option to experience an all-night, personal vigil to honor your Quest.

Day 6:   Completing your Solo in the morning, return to base camp where a wilderness feast awaits.  Celebrate with ceremony and communion.  Hold private your sacred, solitary experience but share part of the story of your Quest in Council.

During the afternoon relax, nap, play, or hike and explore more of the Basin.  Let the mood of the moment direct your afternoon.  Soak up the beauty of your wilderness experience.

Day 7:  After an early breakfast, pack up and say "good bye" to our special base camp site.  Backpack out to the river where, once again, you will cross the threshold—this time crossing from the sacred, re-entering the civilized world you left behind a week earlier.  Hike out to Winfield where we share a meal and take some time to explore the historic ghost town. 

Carpool to Mt. Princeton hot springs where we will shower and soak in healing mineral water.  Dine at a local restaurant before driving down the mountain, returning to Black Forest early evening.  Exchange final hugs and farewells from the group, and you are on your way back to the family and friends you had left behind.  To paraphrase Black Elk, a wise Lakota medicine man: "before you can claim its Power, you must act out your Vision for others to see."           

--Mi Taku Oyasin  “we are all related”