What to Bring

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Wilderness Quest Equipment List: Required Items

> Large internal or external frame backpack that will hold all your gear plus group food/equipment.

> Day Pack which can also be used as a stuff sack for your clothes; inside your back pack.

> Small Tent for base camp

> Warm Sleeping Bag:  Fiber fill rated to below 20 degrees.

> 6' Insulate Pad; this will be your sleeping mat

> 5’x7’ Plastic Ground Sheet

> 6x8’ Water Proof Tarp   &  Nylon Cord (100’)  *this will be your Solo Shelter*

> Small fire proof Pot w/ lid for Hot drink during Solo

> Matches/Lighter/Candle

> Thermos Cup with lid; Bowl, Utensils

> 1 quart size non-leaking water bottle

> 2, 1 gal. Jugs for Water Storage; Bottom Reinforced w/ Duct Tape

> Small tincture bottle of Iodine with non-leaking eyedropper cap (or water purifier)

> Flashlight w/ extra Batteries  (Headlamp is best to keep hands free)

> 2 heavy-duty garbage bags (1 to Line backpack)

> Brimmed Hat

> Wool Hat and Gloves

> Thermal Underwear (top and bottom)

> Wool or Fleece Sweater

> Wool or Fleece Pants

> Turtle Neck Shirt

> Warm Jacket  (fleece or ski type jacket)

> STURDY RAIN GEAR: Waterproof Jacket and Pant Set.  No ponchos.

> 2  quick dry T-shirts            

> 2  pairs of quick dry shorts

> 3 pairs of wool or thermal socks with liner socks

> Hiking Boots that come up over ankles; well broken in; good support and water proof

> Moleskin for potential blisters

> Sandals with ankle strap for river crossing (no Crocs) or sneakers that will get wet.

> Bathing Suit

> Sunscreen/Lip screen

> Sunglasses

> 2 Bandannas

> Personal First Aid Kit for Solo…(group FAK at Basecamp)

> Bug Repellent  (Toxic deet as ingredient still works best)

> Whistle (for safety) to be worn around your neck


> Backpacking chair

> Camera

> Mosquito netting or coils

> Personal snacks

Fresh change of clothes and towel for shower and hot springs—left in vehicles at trailhead


          Equipment List.pdf